Review Of The Best Automated Cat Litter Boxes

by Katia Simas file under misc

Pet lovers have a whole range of pet products to choose from. The task is to identify what product would be best in terms of cost, performance and preferences. Cat litter source brings you a review of the best performing and most preferred cat litter boxes and their features. Have a peep at to get an idea of the number of households that have a pet. Cat lovers love their pets no matter what, but the unpleasant odor and cat waste is detestable.

Here is why you need to buy a cat litter and how it can help you.

Save time: Automated cat litters available in the market totally free you of the need to clean out the litter box. This saves a lot of time and allows you to enjoy more time with family and pets.

Hygiene: Unclean cat litter boxes are a nuisance and give off a bad odor. They are unhygienic and can spread disease if not cleaned out regularly. The automated cat litter boxes clean out themselves and there is hardly any need to worry about hygiene.

Here is our review of the best cat litter boxes available in the market.

Litter Robot III: This cat litter box isn't just an automated one; it is probably the best cat litter box worth every cent spent on it. It is sturdy with high tech technology. The cat litter box has an automatic self-cleaning mechanism that sets to work after 7 minutes of the cat leaving the box. It is easy to use and clean and is designed to reduce odor. Any kind of clumping litter may be used and the box is suitable for use by more than one cat. It has a big opening and is equipped with a night light. The box comes with an 18 month warranty period.

Litter Robot LRII: This litter box is a self-cleaning and automatic box equipped with weight activated sensor. The clean cycle system is with a slow rotation globe for the cleaning. It employs a patented sifting process to clean the litter automatically and deposits waste in a large drawer. It is easy and safe to use. It does not cause any clogging and the litter cleans automatically after use. This box too comes with an 18 month warranty period. The weight activated sensor detects the cat entering and leaving the box. After 7 minutes of the cat leaving the box, the globe rotates counter clockwise and sifts and separated clumps and deposits waste in the large drawer.

ScoopFree: This self-cleaning litter box helps control odor. The disposable litter tray is prefilled with crystals that absorb moisture and odor to dehydrate the waste. The premium blue crystals control odors and do not stick to cat’s paws. The litter box is dust free and rakes waste into a closed compartment. The box features safety sensors and disposable litter trays for easy use.

CatGenie: This litter box is probably the world's only self-flushing and self-washing cat litter box featuring washable granules. Users will swear that this is the best litter box they have ever come across. The box is an odor, germ and dust free while being litter free. The product automatically washes, sanitizes and dries itself after being used by the cat. The litter box includes biodegradable and recyclable cartridges. The box is equipped with several activation settings and can be used by more than one cat. It needs electricity and cold water connection.