Is Scientology Truly Against Psychiatry?

Numerous men and women think that Scientology is totally dead set in opposition to psychiatry. This is simply not legitimate. Some Scientologists may possibly question my connect with on this, but I need to use this article to elucidate some factors.

There is a distinction between Transformational Psychotherapy, psychiatrists, psychiatric techniques, electric powered shock, psychoanalysis and so on.

In terms of electric shock goes, it’s considered by Scientologists as brutal and haphazard. It’s not proven workable or handy to people. Exactly the same with brain operation, such as lobotomies, leucotomies along with the like, which happen to be even now practiced today regardless of the fantasy which they usually are not.

With medicine, certainly, Scientologists have an issue with them way too, but not since they are prescription drugs. Scientology don’t have any difficulties with pain killers in surgery, or perhaps a necessary sleeping tablet – as they’re coated by our own Scientology writings as necessary to be used when needed. But Scientology does have a difficulty with psychiatric drug misuse, with psychiatric medicine being in excess of prescribed, generating addicts an so on. Scientologists individually could have issues while using the not enough warnings of your hazards of those drugs specified out by psychiatrists, and that misdiagnosis by psychiatrists could result in intellect altering medication to get applied in place of improved fewer harmful pure cures.

Some not many psychiatrists press vitamin therapy, that can provide productive final results. Scientologists will likely not have an issue using this. I’ll not communicate in regards to the obvious positive aspects of diet regime, since they are too apparent, and when suggested by psychiatrists, we’d have no difficulty with that. The exact same relates to ridding the body of its pains by damaged or improperly established bones, and pains from undiagnosed tumours and also the like. But this cure is more unlikely accomplished by psychiatrists. We might have a concern with another person labelling anyone mentally sick for reacting weird or wacky as a result of an undiagnosed tumour plus the like.

Scientologists typically don’t have a concern with psychiatric psychoanalysis, mainly because it is mostly harmless, as long as the counsellor won’t examine for his patient and just listens. It might be described as a waste time, but it is witnessed as really harmless.

But several Scientologists will typically have concerns with labelling a person as mentally ill when there is certainly no evidence the sickness in fact exists. Precisely the same relates to the so identified as chemical imbalance while in the mind concept. Scientologists may have challenges of labelling kids mentally sick and prescribing medications when a person only sees the indicators of conduct, and it has no laboratory or blood assessments to point out what actual physical issue may possibly exist the kid is showing the symptoms of.

There are actually Scientologists that are also psychiatrists. Indeed you will discover and i know just one. They can be scarce, of course, plus much more normally taking place while in the jap planet the west. You will find writings by the founding father of Scientology on how a psychiatrist may become a Scientologist. So psychiatrists are not even prevented from joining the ranks of Scientologists.